We are an Independent Marketing Agency based out of Kolkata.

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In. Fb. Tw. Be.

We are the Punctuation that the Marketing World was missing.

A world without Commas lacks clarity and meaning, and we believe Marketing is all about adding clarity and meaning to an otherwise cluttered World.
Commas can bring two independent clauses together, just like we bring you and the consumers together.
Commas also refer to Money according to American Hip Hop Culture.
So long story short, we help you add more Commas!

We collaborate with our Clients in a methodical and  Creative approach. We believe in Bob Dylan when he says, “The Answer my friend, is Blowing in the Wind”.

We are answer seekers and our services include Advertising, Brand Strategy and Identity Design, Illustrations, Digital Marketing, Brand Activation & Promotion, Website Design, and Art Direction Consultancy.

We are an Independent Marketing Agency based out of Kolkata, India.

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